Fata Morgana (chimerically) wrote,
Fata Morgana

car, yet again

So I'm finally buying a new (to me) car. I'm looking at Honda Civics from 2000-2002 with manual transmission (most are 1.7L engines). They are supposed to get good mileage (over 30, up to 40 for some) and are supposed to last a long time. Prices seem to be in the $5000-7000 range (e.g. this, this).

I've mostly owned Toyotas before but their mileage isn't as good as the Civic and it's harder to find ones with manual transmissions. (I'm willing to consider automatics but would prefer a manual, and there seem to plenty on the market, so why compromise?) Fords and GMs are right out.

The intrawebs tells me that in addition to the usual used-car checklist, I should make sure to check the front shock absorbers for leaks and the timing belt for wear since those are two known problems with Civics.

Anyone have anything particularly good or bad to say about Civics? Do you think I should be considering other kinds of cars? Any other thoughts?
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