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affirmative action - Accretions

Fata Morgana
2003-11-14 18:16
affirmative action
Affirmative action is good in that it attempts to mitigate the inherently caucasian-patriarchal structure of our society, yet it can also reinforce that structure by contributing to the idea that women and other minorities aren't really qualified. The ideal would be to change the rhetoric of patriarchal fields to be more inclusive of women and other minorities. But that's difficult, to say the least.

My thoughts on having NO affirmative action is similar to my thoughts on the recently-defeated Proposition 54, which would have banned the collection of lots of important racial data: in a truly integrated, race-blind, non-patriarchal society, racial data and arrirmative action aren't necessary, but we sure as hell aren't there yet, as is shown by the number of white males in engineering, law, and politics; the number of black males in prison; and the lack of women in positions of power or wealth.
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2003-11-14 18:35 (UTC)
what about the poor whites that have similar economic situations as every other minority but aren't even considered a minority but are factored the same as a majority? i think we shouldn't be tying affirmative action with any economic/exceptional rules but instead teaching tolerance by acceptance of all races and helping out all races that need it economically rather than highlighting any particular race.

it's kind of hard for me to accept how hard of a struggle i've had to go through - harder than some minorities around me who were better off AND getting better funding b/c of their skin color and not b/c they needed it - but yet at the same time finally make it graduate school and get beat up by a minority for being white.

affirmative action is a failure b/c if affirms a lack of tolerance and treating certain groups with "special" incentives to "help" them w/o factoring for who it hurts, if they need that help other than superficial reasons which can't be proven, and at the same time highlighting that they are "different" or "special" and are treated as such. you can't force tolerance, even with incentives.

i don't think we should be supporting policies like affirmative action. its very nature prevents us from getting anywhere close to the "there" that ppl want to achieve.
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