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affirmative action - Accretions

Fata Morgana
2003-11-14 18:16
affirmative action
Affirmative action is good in that it attempts to mitigate the inherently caucasian-patriarchal structure of our society, yet it can also reinforce that structure by contributing to the idea that women and other minorities aren't really qualified. The ideal would be to change the rhetoric of patriarchal fields to be more inclusive of women and other minorities. But that's difficult, to say the least.

My thoughts on having NO affirmative action is similar to my thoughts on the recently-defeated Proposition 54, which would have banned the collection of lots of important racial data: in a truly integrated, race-blind, non-patriarchal society, racial data and arrirmative action aren't necessary, but we sure as hell aren't there yet, as is shown by the number of white males in engineering, law, and politics; the number of black males in prison; and the lack of women in positions of power or wealth.
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2003-11-18 21:30 (UTC)
Re: administration
But your co-worker's daughter probably wouldn't have gotten in even if there was no affirmative action.

I think it's poor that someone who has lower test scores should get in above someone else, regardless of race.

probably thousands or tens of thousands of white applicants

I don't think that's been proven. If the numbers are that disproportionate, the problem can't be resolved at the admissions level and perhaps should be addressed much sooner and not choosing what color skin you have over your actual education level to have the aptitude to perform. It's clearly a funding issue in low income (which is white and non-white btw). I think ppl make it an unfair race issue which does unfairly hurt those who are in the majority who are actually better prepared to be there.

In fact eliminating affirmative action entirely would increase white admission only slightly, according to a Michigan Law Review study.

Sure, and there are also studies that dispute these same numbers. It all depends upon the interpretation.

If you want to make it easier for white students to get into UC-Davis, worry less about affirmative action and more about the federal budget deficit.

What I don't like about this issue if you argue against affirmative action, people assume that you want it to make it more fair to whites. I don't. It should be fair to all. I think this is a poor statement that clearly doesn't reflect much thought. There is a problem with the federal budget deficit - I agree. I think it's poor that we're spending 80 billion for the military, 50 billion for education, and far less than 1billion on the arts. Note that my objections here cover more than just education. Obviously if these numbers were adjusted, they would affect education as well. And I would cut programs like affirmative action that encourage racism - just in a positive light so people accept it rather than a negative light like the Ku Klux Klan. However, when you start categorizing people by race - whether for positive or negative means - you are encouraging racism and we go a long away against tolerance. I would argue strongly that affirmative action has failed to deliver. I think it's a good program in philosophy and poor in execution.

Educational disparity goes far beyond race and should also address the white minority that faces the same problems, if not worse as some of the other non-white minorities. It's an economic issue and not a racial issue.

Budget cuts at the federal level are putting a tight squeeze on state budgets, meaning less funding for state college.

Well, that's a part of the problem. There's a lot of mismanagement in state spending. About 40% of California's budget goes toward education, comparable to other similar states. Decisions made in Sacramento has had a harsh impact on our schools.

The deficit also gives Bush cover to cut Pell grants as well, which directly hurts poor students of all races.

And the American people, by not impeaching Bush, also empower him to spend 80 billion dollars for more military funding for a war we shouldn't be involved in. Perhaps it'd be best to take even a small % of that to save the Pell grants for all races, not just non-white, who are in serious economic situations.

All this so rich families can pay the smallest percentage of their income in federal taxes in decades.

And 80 billion in a war we shouldn't be involved in? I think before criticizing the rich, we should demand of the President why there's improper spending of honest taxpayer dollars - of all economic levels, to justify the lack of proper information & the "weapons of mass destruction". I think these are bigger problems than what % of taxes the wealthy are paying. It's not fair to expect the wealthy to finance everyone else either so it needs to be balanced.

Affirmative action is a distraction

I agree. I also think it's going to be a continuing problem for decades to come because no one wants to deal with this issue while they hide under "bigger problems" as well. And we'll never truly gain racial tolerance.
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