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census retrospective (and prospective) meme - Accretions

Fata Morgana
2010-03-24 19:08
census retrospective (and prospective) meme
1980: I had been a tadpole for about two months by the last day of that year. Wouldn't have been counted in the census. My parents were living in a little 1940s house on a half-acre lot in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah, after a few years of farming in Draper.

1990: Resident of Salt Lake City, Utah. For the second half of it, I was a fourth-grader in Mr. Fornelius's class in greater Salt Lake City, obsessed with rocks, stars, Greek myths, reading, experiments on plants, and spending time outside. That was a happy year. For the first half, I was a third-grader in Ms. Cox's class, and she was really mean and I was pretty unhappy. However, I was part of the Young Astronauts program and got a chunk of a space shuttle, which I thought was totally awesome!

2000: Resident of Berkeley, California. That spring, I was one semester into college at Berkeley, still planning on double-majoring in English and astrophysics. I was taking Physics 7B (electromagnetism and thermodynamics), Math 54 (linear algebra and diff. equations), and a comparative literature class that would ultimately sour me on being an English major. I had work-study jobs giving star shows at Holt Planetarium at Lawrence Hall of Science and being a teaching assistant at Willard Middle School. That summer, I worked at Cal Sailing Club and continued to give shows at Holt Planetarium. That fall, I took my first computer science course -- I got into 61A after studying the book over the summer -- and what turned out to be my last physics and astronomy courses. Throughout the year I was dating Eugene, starting karate, and getting more into ballroom dancing. I still didn't have many friends at Cal and wasn't very happy, mostly due to depression.

2010: Resident of Menlo Park, California. ABD (all-but-dissertation) in the Communication department at Stanford, I'll be completing my dissertation fieldwork on the One Laptop Per Child project in South America this fall. This spring, I'm finishing up coursework (Spanish courses, seminars, and yoga), finishing up research papers, and organizing a panel on Values in Design (May 17, 3pm, Mendenhall Library, Stanford campus! More details soon!). I'm dating joshbuckler, I recently moved into the house he bought, and I'm feeling very happy (though I recently had another bout of depression).

2020: Strange to think about. I'll probably have kids, and I'll probably be a professor or researcher studying the social implications of technology. However, my life has taken so many unexpected turns that I may be doing something totally different. Time will tell!
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2010-03-25 07:43 (UTC)
(no subject)
I first read that as "obsessed with rock stars". Which would be natural enough, but yours is much cooler.
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2010-04-08 20:35 (UTC)
(no subject)
I still have my chunk of the space shuttle!! That was a long time ago...

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Fata Morgana
2010-04-14 02:56 (UTC)
(no subject)
Me too! It's in storage somewhere at my mom's house, though. I'll have to go through my stuff there someday ...
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