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where is your stuff from? ...

bed tray: China.
iron: China.
hotplate: China.
Tevas: China.
hiking shoes: China.
power strips (2): China.
mini radio: China.
bw printer power cable: China.
camera power cable: China.
keyboard power cable: China.
camera: Japan.
computer battery: Japan.
computer ultrabay battery: Japan.
cell phone battery: Japan.
mouse: Japan.
bw printer: Japan.
car: Japan (assembled).
microwave: Malaysia.
keyboard: Malaysia.
color printer: Malaysia.
computer: Mexico.
cell phone: Mexico.
refrigerator: Mexico (assembled).
computer power cable: Indonesia.
color printer power cable: Indonesia.
cell phone power cable: Thailand.
DVD-CDR: Philippines.
webcam: Taiwan.
heater: Italy.
sheets: Portugal.
salad bowl: Zambia.
Danskos (3 pairs): Denmark.

Nothing from the U.S.! ...
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