November 4th, 2003

rock shadow

dreams and sunsets

I had a dream last night about a treehouse. This house has come up in my dreams before. It's a rambling house, funky and interesting, full of odd angles, strangely-shaped rooms, paned and stained-glass windows, and trunks of trees. It's up in a tree, or more accurately, several trees. The house has three separate parts, two of which are kind of like studio apartments separated by a walkway of some sort (their form varies from dream to dream), and the third which is an isolated room full of books and pillows, with a conical glass roof and a reflector telescope (this one doesn't vary from dream to dream). In this dream, the house was also a rambling playground in the trees, and became more and more like a playground as the dream progressed.

Maybe I'll have my architect friend Clio build this house for me someday.

Tonight the sunset was beautiful. I'm afraid I just enjoyed it rather than capturing an image of it for all of you.

I have been working on my compiler project for 12 hours now. I'm amazed how lucid this post seems, given that the longer I've been coding, the more my English skills deteriorate. :~)

On a completely different note, my friend pointed me to this ridiculous Craigslist post. What's scary is that I know at least one guy who could write such stuff. :~)
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