November 8th, 2003

rock shadow

last hurdle of the week!

Ah, finally my week from hell is over. Today I took the computer science subject GRE in Berkeley High School. I got very well-acquainted with the courtyard as I stood in line with my friend for 40 minutes before it started, in the blustery Berkeley weather. We chatted with a student from Stanford taking the literature GRE, who grew up in Berkeley and even went to Berkeley High. The classroom where we took the test brought up strange semi-nostalgic, semi-uncomfortable feelings - the bulletin boards were covered with geography and history posters, the desks were just like the ones I used in high school, and bits of graffiti and vandalism done by disgruntled or bored students were on the backs of chairs and walls and anywhere that wasn't readily noticed. My friend felt more unfamiliarity, since he was home-schooled.

The test itself went okay, though I have found no correlation between my grade on a technical test based on how I feel about it, so I guess I'll have to wait to see if it *really* went okay or not.

Other highlights of the week include a "skim decaf" java-x86 compiler (started Saturday due Thursday turned in Friday at 4:30am), a computability and complexity midterm, and the NSF fellowship application deadline. I haven't had a chance to breathe all week, I've had to skip most of my classes to work, and I feel entirely burned out. :~(
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