November 13th, 2003

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Questions? Comments? Please call or write ...

The problem with posting a lot is that I compulsively check back for comments. I don't like the feeling that I'm shouting into a void, so if you agree or disagree or even if you think I'm just full of shit and shouldn't waste so much space on your friends page, please comment, so at least I know someone's reading this stuff on which I spend so much of my procrastination-time. :~)
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so corporate?

I was talking to my friend about Dean the other day. He said that he didn't like Dean because he was "so corporate" - he had so much more money than the other candidates, especially Kucinich, and it all must be coming from corporations. I told him that most of his campaign donations were from individuals (quite a lot aged 20-30 I've read), and they're documented online. (Besides, I'm uncomfortable with Kucinich's "personal opposition" to abortion, even though he's said he wouldn't do anything about it politically.) But the more I think about this, the more it worried me. The way he talked, it seemed like he would automatically support the "underdog" (though he resented Kucinich being called that), or the most extreme-left candidate, and it seems that there are many like him. A question for those who have been involved in the campaign: what good stuff could I tell people like him about Dean?

As I look around, Dean does have donations from corporations, though individual contributions dwarf them:
    Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean has raised $25.3 million so far, and has $12.4 million on hand. Among his top contributors are Time Warner ($61,000), Microsoft ($30,000) and IBM ($25,000). Dean's own campaign staffers have contributed nearly $21,000 to their boss' campaign, making the group of them his sixth biggest donor.

    Two of Dean's top five donors -- and 10 of his top 20 -- are groups of university employees. University of California employees attained the highest ranking of any organization, with more than $63,000 in contributions to Dean. Dean has raised money from the professors and staff of at least 450 colleges and universities. Those in the education field have contributed a total of $852,000 to Dean's campaign, behind only the legal profession ($966,000).
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silly quizzes :~)

Your soul is bound to the Glass Rose: The

"My heart lies somewhere between perfection
and dust. And while my soul is a sight to
behold, I shatter at the blink of an

The Glass Rose is associated with perfection,
beauty, and frailty. It is governed by the
goddess Aphrodite and its sign is the Looking
Glass, or Tenuous Love.

As a Glass Rose, you have a beautiful soul and
naturally attract people to you. Love comes
naturally to you, but it hardly ever lasts.
Though you embody the perfect form of love,
your own faults are your own undoing.

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?