November 17th, 2003

rock shadow


I had a dream last night that I was suddenly plopped down into someone else's body and mind. Their body was bigger than I was used to, and didn't move at all like my body did. Its balance was different, different muscles were tight and loose, fingers moved in unpredictable ways, movements would have too much force or too little. I could hardly coordinate it; even just walking threw off my balance and made me lurch. Their mind was also very foreign. Different things stood out to it, and its memory worked in an entirely different way: different things triggered it, and different things were stored in it. I would try to remember something in the ways I was used to and would come up with nothing. If I just let my mind wander, sometimes the memory I was trying to access would suddenly come up, but it would seem somehow wrong. Not as I would normally have remembered it. All of "my" memories were there but they were encoded differently. I dreamed that I went to some random theory class in 306 Soda Hall, and I was so wrapped up in how differently this mind and body functioned that I had a hard time paying attention. It was very strange.

I often have weird dreams when I'm sick. Maybe this one came up because my body does feel somewhat foreign when it's fighting some pathogen.
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