December 14th, 2003

rock shadow

happiness is a tuned violin

I was inspired to pull out my violin last night. I haven't played much in the last 5 years, but I was still able to tune it from memory (David checked my pitch with his cell phone :~)) and play - only slightly squeakily - through parts of Suzuki books 5 and 6. I even downloaded a few pieces of sheet music off the internet to play, then made David play a bit! :~) It's a shame I don't play more - my violin has a beautiful sound, when played half-decently.

We also got to talking about the design of the violin. We looked up the viola that one of my research advisors has - the "Pelligrina."

It and the rest of the instruments made by David Rivinus are awesome. I'd love to try one of his "Maximilian" violins sometime. It looks windswept - or as David says, like something out of a Dalí painting.
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