December 29th, 2003

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The view of Mount Olympus from my dad's porch December 24, then December 28:

So far, two and a half feet of snow has fallen at my dad's. More is due tomorrow.

Yesterday I took UTA and Trax downtown, injuring my other foot running for a bus. :~( (I think it's just a strained tendon, though, not a bone fracture or bruise.) I wandered the beautiful new city library, made to look like the one in Vancouver, which was made to look sort of like the Coliseum. When I was at the library, I ran into a friend, not entirely serendipitously since I knew she often volunteered there. I also successfully haggled for a new library card, even though I have no proof that I'm residing at my dad's address. I now have library cards for Berkeley, Seattle, Sunnyvale, and Salt Lake, all the places I've ever lived.

The number of branches broken off of trees around the valley is heartbreaking. The storm started out as rain on Xmas eve before segueing into snow, so up to two feet of snow froze to tree branches, weighing them down and breaking many. Thousands of older trees will die from this storm. Liberty Park has become a thicket of broken tree branches.

Two days ago I played in the snow with my cousins, and taught my oldest cousin to play chopsticks on the piano to my accompaniment. I got her tangoes for Xmas, and though she's only eight, she's getting the hang of the game. Today I played with my cousins again - all six of them, and all between 2 and 8! - but in grandpa's house, not in the snow. My, they (we) can raise a ruckus. :~)

Tonight I will finish re-reading Diamond Age, one of my scores from the library. I'm also reading Dude, Where's my Country? (which I got from a friend, and also gave to my French relatives for Xmas so they'd have something seditious to take back :~)), and finally finished Power Politics (which was for a class I took last semester - I never have time to read these things when I'm supposed to!). I have a whole bunch of books lined up to buy with my recently-acquired gift certificates: a couple of Lessig's (which I've already read but want for reference), People's History of the U.S. (of which I've only read part), 10 Reasons to Abolish the IMF & World Bank (I heard the author talk on the radio recently), Fast Food Nation (read it in high school but would like to read it again), maybe some Marcos writings ... man, how political I've become! I have most of the CS books I want ... surely there are more that would be fun to have, but none that I can think of now. I forgot about all the Turing Machine stuff in Diamond Age. Having just finished a class in computability and complexity, I understand that section of the book on a much deeper level than last time I read it.

Bedtime for Bonzo!
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