March 16th, 2004

rock shadow


I have several trips coming up. Next week during spring break, I'll visit my aunt and friends in New York for a few days, then fly to Pittsburgh for Carnegie Mellon's visit days. Two weeks after that, I'll visit UC Irvine. I may visit Georgia Tech somewhere in there, too (their visit day, and Irvine's, are the same day as CMU's!). Then in late April I get to go to Vienna for CHI!

I had another practice with my new ballroom partner today. It's going wonderfully. He's an amazing dancer, and he seems to bring out the best in my dancing as well. People keep commenting on how good he is and how well-matched we are. We're going to try to prepare for the San Francisco Open on April 2-3, but I'll be gone next week, so ... well, we'll see how it goes. We'll definitely compete at the Stanford and Berkeley competitions, and may do a showcase at the Berkeley Spring Ball on April 23, if I'm not at CHI.

I decided to decline the EWF Bosnia volunteership. Between having to raise the money myself, wanting to dance more with this ballroom partner, having to leave a week after graduation, and potentially needing to move away at the end of the summer (and not wanting to move to another city, find a place to live, and settle in before classes start in a week or less after returning from Bosnia on August 12), it just didn't seem like the time was right. Hopefully I can have the opportunity to create my own internship another summer.

I still haven't officially heard back from Berkeley, and I haven't heard from UW I-school or MIT Media Lab either. I don't know how to interpret their silence. They may actually not get back to people until this late, though I know of one person who has heard back from the I-school already.