April 15th, 2004

rock shadow

drum roll ...

I've decided to stay at Berkeley for graduate school. After talking with Marti and Marc on Tuesday, and especially after talking with Peter Lyman - who described several projects that sounded interesting to me, and finished up by saying he'd love to work with me - yesterday, the choice was obvious. In my talks with faculty at other universities, I never got a response that positive. Between that and the variety of opportunities across Berkeley, I'm excited about staying.

The only problem with Berkeley is that I'll be in the SIMS Master's program for a year, and then I'll re-apply to the Ph.D. program. I'm pretty confident that I'll get in, especially if I find a faculty member to work with (and it looks like I will). The biggest issue is that I'd like to save my NSF fellowship for when I'm actually in the Ph.D. program, so I'll probably be TAing next year to make ends meet.
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