November 19th, 2004

rock shadow

Think think!

I returned to my car on Thursday to find a note on it which read, "If you were to pull up a few more feet, someone could park behind you. Think think!" It just so happens that I parked right up to the bumper of a BMW M3 the day before, and found an Altima parked right up to my bumper that evening. Perhaps there was some time in the interim when a few feet were clear in front of me, but apparently the small-minded twit who left the note failed to grasp this possibility.

On a related note, I once received as a gift a small pad of gag parking violations, a few of which I actually used on deserving cars when I worked at the Cal Sailing Club my first summer in Berkeley. They were along the same lines as the note I received, though more humorous and, being printed, more generic. Collapse )

Finally, on the way home, an SUV tried to nose in ahead of me as their lane merged into mine. I stood my ground, and the SUV merged behind me instead, flashing their brights onto my waiting middle finger. I really need a bumper sticker that reads something like "Keep your oversized gas guzzler behind me - I like to see where I'm going on the road." Or maybe I should try harder to minimize my driving altogether.

Now I'm in Columbus for the Ohio Star Ball. Too bad this wasn't a few weeks earlier or I could have tried to do some canvassing or something. I suppose I could still do something else - any ideas?