January 19th, 2005

rock shadow


I'm working on an entry (or two or three) about the Hawaii trip and associated thoughts. For now, I'll update on the much more mundane subject of my first day of classes.

Professor Braunstein's words tumble out at high speed, interspersed with alarmingly long uhhhs - especially after jokes, almost like Elmer Fudd's laugh. He alternates course information with funny stories, so he seems a bit nutty and I like him. The course he's teaching is one-half semester long and on project management, which is an eye-rolling subject for me if there ever was one, but it sounds like he might just manage to make it interesting.

I'm hoping (and likely) to get out of my other required course on distributed systems. I've been exposed to many of the concepts in three different classes, so I have a good case. This would make more room in my schedule for the many other classes I want to take. Tomorrow morning is Nancy's Information and Society class, followed by the second half of the "Political and Economic Development in the Third World" class that I enjoyed so much in fall 2003 (as my early blog posts attest). Then there are two classes about technology and development, and research to boot.