July 20th, 2005

rock shadow

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Last week I attempted to see Jared Diamond talk about his newest book, but instead I stood in line for a while and then went to kragen's house when the organizers announced that the auditorium was full. But I ordered the book today while shopping for a few books for research. It sounds something like Jane Jacob's latest book, Dark Age Ahead, to which my uncle introduced me. I haven't read either yet, but I'm both worried and skeptical of the authors' claims of impending disaster.

On a more personal note, I recently learned that my younger sister is engaged and will be having a baby girl in December. My half-brother will be an uncle at 18 months. :~) Time to stock up on Google baby T-shirts ...

My summer internship is starting to wrap up (last day is August 12), and fall research is already tugging at my sleeve. The first paper deadline of the fall is September 23, and we're just starting to write.