October 20th, 2005

rock shadow

4S take 0

Day 1 of 4S (Society for the Social Studies of Science) has been great. The morning talks included all the things I like about CHI and a lot that I wish CHI was. (CHI's my main point of reference, since that's the conference I've attended the most and with which I've most closely identified in the past.) I'm told there are variations on 4S: 3S (the journal), 6S (the students studying ...), even 8S. I could make a 7S: Society of SIMS Students Studying Social Studies of Science. That seems terribly referential, not to mention awkward.

I should be asleep. In fact, I'm woefully behind on sleep, and I came back to my hotel room tonight completely bushed. But then some annoying fellow talked for an hour on his cellphone in the parking lot below which kept me up, and then I was just entering my usual nighttime wakefulness, so now it's all over. And I was so close. Maybe I'll try again and blog the conference tomorrow instead, since this writing this will otherwise be a commitment of at least an hour ...