May 9th, 2006

rock shadow

SIMS project presentations this Friday

If you're in the Bay Area and interested in the social uses of technology (or are interested in finding out just what I've been researching the last couple of years), I encourage you to attend my track (track 3, "The Social Life of Information") of the SIMS project presentations this Friday. I'm presenting my research on the social life of snapshots at 9 -- yes, it's early, but I'll promise pastries of some sort for everyone who comes. I've also been hearing a lot of interesting stuff about the Social Uses of Backchannels project, which will be presented at 10. And all of the people in my track are awesome, really. So you should come. We'll be in 205 South Hall, the red brick Mary Poppins building just west of the Campanile. The whole event runs from 9 to 1. See the schedule online for more information.
rock shadow

practice talk audience Wednesday night?

Anyone (in the Bay Area, anyway) interested in being an audience for my final project presentation practice talk sometime Wednesday evening? I'm pretty flexible as to when and where. I want to do a dry-dry run and get feedback from some folks who haven't been hearing all about the project for years, like dag29580863 has. :~) Let me know via comment, and we can coordinate.