February 27th, 2008

rock shadow


After a month of on-and-off searching and reshufflings of potential housemates based on sundry, sometimes contradictory, constraints, corpsefairy and I finally have a house! It's a beautiful three-bedroom, two-bath Victorian in Hayward, probably 125 years old but well-maintained, just a few blocks from a quaint but active and architecturally beautiful downtown and less than a mile from BART. We've already tried and approved of the local Thai restaurant there. starchy will be joining us as a third housemate.

It has hardwood floors and stained glass windows in the living/dining area, and original moulding and wainscoting!

And look at the sweet W.C.!

The kitchen's funky but workable. (Check out those scalloped cupboards.) But it has a dishwasher!

It has an old-fashioned porch. We'll have to procure some comfy chairs for it. In the front there's a white picket fence and three medium-sized redwood trees. starchy couldn't take a picture of the outside (we saw it at night), so I'll rely on a gmaps streetview screenshot for this one.

And it has a foyer of sorts, leading into the dining room. You can see the kitchen and laundry room beyond. (The living room's on the right, the small third bedroom/office on the left.)

There's a yard and storage shed, and I can plant a garden.

Our move-in date is March 15, which is later than I'd like, but they wanted to make some plumbing repairs first. (Hope that isn't going to be an ongoing problem. But it's good that they're actually *making* the repairs, I suppose.)

On a related note, we're in the market for a cheap but reasonably efficient refrigerator and washer/dryer set. Craigslist has a ton of posts, of course, but any other leads?