March 28th, 2008

rock shadow

kittens and quals

I'm embroiled in my week-long qualifying exam. I have seven days to write four essays, not more than 40 pages combined (excluding references), on a variety of topics covered in the classes I've taken so far in my department.

Of course, Hayward SPCA takes this opportunity to call us about fostering kittens! So I spent most of the day typing, one-handed at times, with one of the three kittens we're fostering curled up my lap or nomming my finger or burrowing through my hair or jacket.

We're calling them Yakko (the darkest one, blurry in this picture), Wakko (the medium-dark, stripy one), and Dot (the lightest, most spotty one, and the one girl). Perhaps appropriately, Yakko has the loudest mew, Wakko sleeps the most, and Dot is most active, often exploring and getting into mischief.