May 8th, 2008

rock shadow

odds, ends, and odd ends -- kittens, house, summer

To the surprise of (probably) nobody, we've decided to keep two of the kittens we were fostering. The third will be adopted by a friend. Unfortunately, one (Wakko) has been sick this last week -- clearly in pain, cries out sometimes, very lethargic, slightly distended stomach. They've been dewormed, so it's not that. She's been back at the SPCA for several days now as they (very slowly) run various tests on her. (We were mistakenly informed she was a boy when we got her, so her name isn't very apt anymore. Anyone have ideas for names for two sister cats? Dot could keep her name, but Wakko needs to change.)

I love my house, though I've been so busy with work that I still haven't had time to deal with the garden. My poor tomatoes are wilting in their six-packs on the back steps and the lavender is not looking very alive these days. I tried to set up an automatic sprinkler system but the connector leaked enough that I turned it off to conserve water. Most of the Jewish Luau housewarming decorations are still up inside. We've discovered that the living room windows aren't well-suited to DDR, but their rattling does make the game seem more exciting.

This summer, I'll be attending a research workshop in August and have been shortlisted for another (which will announce the final attendees May 23) in July. I'm both ecstatic and terrified. At the very least, I need to make more progress on this OLPC project so I have something to present! I'm also planning to attend Burning Man for the first time, after holding off for the last nine years. (I've actually camped in the area on multiple occasions with my family, though.) In between all of this stuff, I'll be interning again at Nokia Research, with a group that has grown substantially since last summer. I'll need to be very proactive in planning my project so that I can actually get something done in the limited time I'll have!

Despite the mountain of work I'm buried under right now, I find myself discussing trips and interesting destinations with my housemates and others. Wanderlust calls ...