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create your own visited country map I've only been on three… - Accretions

Fata Morgana
2004-01-22 12:10
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create your own visited country map
I've only been on three trips overseas, all in the last 2 1/2 years. When I was growing up, my family traveled to Canada and Mexico but we never had the money to travel farther. Most of our trips were roadtrips and camping trips.

My first trip overseas was to Zambia for the solar eclipse in June 2001. We flew into Johannesburg (stopping in London for two days on the way), then drove north through Zimbabwe into Zambia. My second trip was to Europe in January 2002, where I visited my uncle in Paris and took trains to Barcelona and various cities in Italy with a friend. My third was to Cape Town in April 2002 for David's brother's wedding.

Update 1/23: the states I've visited are in bold, and states that I've lived in are bolded and underlined.

1)Alabama, 2) Alaska, 3) Arizona, 4) Arkansas, 5) California, 6) Colorado, 7) Connecticut, 8) Delaware, 9) Florida, 10)Georgia, 11) Hawaii, 12) Idaho, 13) Illinois, 14) Indiana, 15) Iowa, 16) Kansas, 17) Kentucky, 18) Louisiana, 19) Maine, 20) Maryland, 21) Massachusetts, 22) Michigan, 23) Minnesota, 24) Mississippi, 25) Missouri, 26) Montana, 27) Nebraska, 28) Nevada, 29) New Hampshire, 30) New Jersey, 31) New Mexico, 32) New York, 33) North Carolina, 34) North Dakota, 35) Ohio, 36) Oklahoma, 37) Oregon, 38) Pennsylvania, 39) Rhode Island, 40) South Carolina, 41) South Dakota, 42) Tennessee, 43) Texas, 44) Utah, 45) Vermont, 46) Virginia, 47) Washington, 48) West Virginia, 49) Wisconsin, 50) Wyoming, and 51) Washington, DC.

In other news, I unfortunately didn't make it into the introductory theater class I auditioned for yesterday, though zestyping did. Ah well, perhaps in grad school.
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