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drawings, including the notorious (w)rectangle project - Accretions

Fata Morgana
2004-02-03 23:55
drawings, including the notorious (w)rectangle project

gesture hands

To fully appreciate the (w)rectangles, check out this larger picture.

Yesterday I discovered web artist Young-Hae Chang and her group Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. Their works are exercises in simplicity, poetry, timing, and good music, and I find them overwhelming yet engaging. I especially like Samsung Means to Come. It's wonderful to find things like this that resonate with me, inexplicable as the resonance may be.
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2004-02-04 10:31 (UTC)
for some reason, the (w)rectangles reminds me of russian constructivism...

heh flash + jazz...i tried to do a start along that path in grad school despite the high level of disapproval. should have went further with that than i did.

not as keen on some of young-hae chang's work...i guess b/c i'd like to see more concept, less pizzazz and overly modern-done-that-b4 style? i guess that sounds harsh - i just think these days it could be pushed even further? i like the sound sync tho i think the rest of it is still very early stage work that could go much further. like better typography usage, some of them need much more interesting sound sync, and less similarities b/w works (i guess to make the message mean something more than just flash appeal?)

i really liked metablast tho i would have cut it shorter for far greater impact b/c it loses it after while and it's the sound that carries it further than the visuals imho

i bet you she definitely knows about barbara krueger's work and likes it for the impact of the words and not so much for the photography... ;O)
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2004-02-04 10:53 (UTC)
(no subject)
I like your drawings, but I could not sit through the whole set of blinking Samsung movie. It blinked too epileptically.
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2004-02-06 09:01 (UTC)
(w) rectangles
Yay! Cycles!

Of course, that probably says more about me than the picture...
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Fata Morgana
2004-02-10 18:02 (UTC)
Re: (w) rectangles
*grin* When I showed David the picture, he started musing on how he could parse the picture and animate how the rectangles had been laid down, and he was thinking about the cycles for some time. :~)
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