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Friday and Saturday

On Friday I spent most of the day in studio, drawing a still life in perspective. In the evening I saw Berkeley's production of the Vagina Monologues with dag29580863. I nearly didn't make it in. When I arrived at 5:30, they were still setting up, so I sat in a corner with my laptop. When I looked up at 6, a line was forming, so I joined it, not realizing that this line was for people who had already purchased tickets. At 6:15 I realized my error and went to the ticket booth, an unassuming, unmarked table near the doors of Dwinelle, and found that they were sold out! I was tenth on the wait list, so I waited, impatient and stressed. I talked a bit with a woman who was in my FemSex class and was "radical cheerleading" to the ever-growing crowd in front. I was amused when she berated the unresponsive crowd, calling them "pseudo-liberals." At 7:15, when they sold off tickets from no-shows, David and I were the last two to get tickets. I waited, very impatiently, another 20 minutes for David to extricate himself from traffic and arrive, and we slipped in just as the show was starting. But despite the chaos and bad organization at the admission booth, the performance was amazing, making me laugh and cry and scream and clap in turn, and relate to the monologues throughout. David's favorite was one he called a "moan-ologue," and I had many I liked, including a piece on first periods, one on "flooding," one on angry vaginas, and one on "if your vagina could say two words, what would it say?" They included some intersex and transgender monologues at the end, which is not traditionally done, and implored us to sign a petition to include such dialogues in showings everywhere. The hand stamp said "DO NOT REPRODUCE." :~)

On Saturday I taught a stretching class for UCBD, went on a V-day hike with some friends I hadn't seen in a while, had a phone interview with Paul Dourish for and about the PhD program at UC Irvine ICS, and attended a Chinese New Year's dance at Allegro Ballroom with two other friends. The dance included a Dim Sum buffet, a "traditional Chinese" dance performance by Miss Chinatown San Francisco (who obviously had a lot more ballet training than anything else), and a "lion dance" to scare away the evil spirits that have accumulated in us in the last year. The lion costumes were incredible. I feel cleansed. :~)

perhaps practicing for the same-sex dance competition?

Beautiful, acrobatic lions

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