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happenings and plans - Accretions

Fata Morgana
2004-02-22 11:06
happenings and plans
Chopin Preludes and the Pulp Fiction soundtrack
Our CHI short paper on remote usability studies, based on my research in Seattle last summer, was accepted! And in the next couple of days I'll get to see the folks up there again, as I'm interviewed for the Information School's Ph.D. program.

I also applied for Google summer internships on Friday, since Engineers Without Frontiers still hasn't made a decision on their volunteer internships. Both Juno and Calmail have been acting up; I hope the email application got through. Friday night I saw Shall We Dance with some people on the ballroom team, and Saturday night I saw The Dreamers, which had beautiful cinematography and characters with an bizarre mix of kinkiness and innocence. (After the movie I summed it up with, "Look, there's a protest outside! Let's have some more sex.")

This Wednesday I teach the last week of foxtrot (hopefully I'll be less tired this week), and the Monday after next I have an audition with a potential ballroom partner who attends our rival school, Stanford.
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2004-02-22 23:16 (UTC)
(no subject)
Congratulations! Will I see you in Vienna?
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Fata Morgana
2004-02-23 23:27 (UTC)
I hope so ... if I go, I can SV! Since the paper was based on the research I did under the Distributed Mentor Project, the Computer Research Association may help me out.
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2004-02-23 19:37 (UTC)
(no subject)
Wow... I can't believe how many things you're involved with, Morgan, you more than anyone I know are doing stuff, doing internships, interacting with people on the edge of your field... you always impress me, I love you :)

Keep up the fantastic work... what are the dates for your graduation again? I'ma try to make it out there, though with traveling to Oregon once every few months it might be financially difficult for me. I'll do my best, let me know!
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