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Last Friday I went to an awesome showcase at Metronome Ballroom. Recent gold medalists at the Gay Games in Sydney performed first a five-dance Latin, then a five-dance Standard showcase. Two other Latin couples did a tag-team five-dance showcase while the first couple was changing. Here's a pic of the Standard showcase:

The guys were great dancers, and they would nonchalantly switch lead and follow throughout the dances. It was brilliant! I liked their Paso Doble, where at times they were both the bullfighter, cape, or bull.

The show was in part sponsored by Sacramento DanceSport, which I haven't heard of before. I'll have to make sure that they know same-sex couples are welcome at Berkeley's competition, which I've been furiously pulling together in the last few weeks. I don't think ballroom should be so conservative in its definition of leaders and followers. Even at the Gay Games, male-male and female-female couples competed separately, and both USABDA and NDCA only allow male leaders with female followers. I rather like to lead, though I can't lead at the level I can follow. Apparently there's a big same-sex ballroom scene in Europe, though.

Speaking of ballroom, last Monday I had a tryout with a new ballroom partner. It looks like I'll finally be dancing again! In non-dancing news, my databases project group and I got the last (hopefully) bug ironed out and our project running 10 minutes before the midnight deadline. I've consumed so much sugar and caffeine the last few days working on it that it'll take a while to get myself back in balance. I'll start with sleep. :~)

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