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closed-source concept car

Volvo has developed a concept car "for women, by women." The most ridiculous thing about it, beyond even the seat covers that you can change to match your outfit, is that the hood can only be opened by a Volvo mechanic. Even if the designers never looked under the hood of their own cars, I don't understand why they would take such an important piece of functionality away. What if I want to check my fluids, or give or receive a jump start? As jacobiwan put, it would have been much better for them to make simple maintenance more user-friendly, perhaps by minimizing the tools needed for an oil change or laying everything out in a clear way. At least they make the windshield washer fluid accessible.

I hope this doesn't set a precedent. I shudder to think of a world where cars are "closed-source" and getting your car repaired or even opened ("cracked") at any place but a certified (=overpriced) repair shop is an infringement on the car manufacturer's intellectual property rights. It's bad enough in software. :~)
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