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YAMCP (yet another minimal content post)

I could write up my thoughts about Pittsburgh, or rant about sustainability indicators, grad school decisions, or the wonders of the Cheeseboard, but I'm too tired, stressed, and crampy to have the patience for such things right now, so I'll just give a short update on what's coming up in my life.

This weekend I'm competing in the San Francisco Open. I was all for this, until I learned that my partner and I are going to be up against some of the best amateur dancers in the country. Ah, well, it'll be fun anyway .... If anyone wants to come watch, I'll be up around 2:30 on Friday and 9:50 on Saturday, and student tickets are $10 for the day and $15 for evenings. We've been practicing hard for, uh, two and a half weeks now. :~) We'll also be competing in Stanford's competition on April 10 and Berkeley's competition on May 8, and will be doing a showcase for Berkeley's spring ball on April 23.

A week from Thursday I visit U.C. Irvine for two days. I might also visit Georgia Tech for a day a week from tomorrow. I'll post my thoughts my grad school options and a poll around April 10, so stay tuned. CHI in Vienna is coming up too, at the end of April. I need to change my ticket so I arrive by 4/25 and have time to be a student volunteer.

Oh, here's a weird occurrence: I was sitting at Strada on Sunday, and I hear a series of crunches. I look up just in time to see my car, which was parked on Bancroft just above college, rolling merrily down the street. It was the fifth car in a five-car collision. Luckily it only rolled about 30 feet before deciding to stop, and not all the way to Berkeley High. Lesson: curb your tires, especially if your parking brake isn't so good. Then again, the damage probably would have been worse if my car had remained stationary.

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