Fata Morgana (chimerically) wrote,
Fata Morgana

The competition on Saturday went fairly well. We danced well, and apparently missed making the final cut (where 6 couples were recalled from 14 in the semifinal) by one recall mark. My partner was frustrated by this, but they decided to do open judging in the final (where judges hold up their marks after each dance), and I was kind of glad to not have to deal with that, because we definitely would have been toward the bottom of the heap. Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot were our best dances, with five recalls each (from 11 judges). Quickstep got four recalls, Waltz three, and Tango only one.

I'll be out of town Wednesday-Friday, and dancing again next Saturday at Stanford. Oh, and I'll be making my grad school decision in the next week or so, too. I've actually been losing a fair amount of sleep over it, but I don't have much more to say about it until I visit all of the schools.

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