Fata Morgana (chimerically) wrote,
Fata Morgana


The latter part of the Stanford competition was great fun. I arrived just in time for the first heat of all-levels waltz, after getting stuck in traffic on the way down, and subsequently did a marathon of 14 events in the next hour, all in my uncomfortable competition heels. We ended up doing pretty well, winning the all-levels waltz and placing second in the open events. Later that night, we formed a Berkeley-Stanford team, the "Cardinal Bears," and came in second for the International-style team match. Then our coaches Tomas and Aira danced an awesome showcase. Here's one action shot of them that dag29580863 took:

dag29580863 also recorded us with a digital camera, and we've put the videos up online, if you want to take a look. (If the links don't work today, check back a little later - we're still transferring them.) Be forewarned that they're big files.

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