Fata Morgana (chimerically) wrote,
Fata Morgana

ballroom classic

The competition is OVER!

Picture of the night (courtesy Ronnen):

This picture was taken during a "tacky tango" danced for the goofy college team match. This guy's a fabulous dancer, and we really hammed up the tackiness. My usual ballroom partner had to leave early, so I danced with him instead. (He was a UCBD officer a while ago, so at least he was affiliated with Berkeley. :~))

I had been dealing with competition planning nonstop (not to mention actually practicing) from the moment I returned from Vienna - I literally went straight from the BART train from SFO to the RSF to meet with the building manager, luggage and all. My apologies for missing the rest of the parties this weekend - I was rather preoccupied. :~)

Sunday I finished my final project for animation, but couldn't quite get sound integrated properly. I'll post it when I have room somewhere; right now, all of my accounts are pretty much full.

I'll write more about Vienna and the competition ... later. :~)

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