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Saturday: a joshbuckler party, involving trampolines, grilled… - Accretions

Fata Morgana
2004-05-31 12:56
(no subject)
Saturday: a joshbuckler party, involving trampolines, grilled corn, juggling glowing balls and fire, and hot tubs. I have such amazingly talented friends!

(glowing balls, sticks of fire)

Sunday: a long rambling bike-ride from Embarcadero BART through the city and over the Golden Gate. And back.

(perspective from the Presidio)

Monday: moving into my new room - that is, as soon as I can get out of bed ...

<no image available>
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Benjamin C. Wiley Sittler
2004-05-31 23:02 (UTC)
(no subject)
wow, your nighttime juggling pics came out great! mine cam out as dark with slightly-less-dark amorphous colored blobs.

also, that sounds like a fun and action-packed weekend.
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Fata Morgana
2004-06-01 17:54 (UTC)
(no subject)
Thanks! :~) I took a bunch more, as well as videos that generally came out as mysterious glowing balls and sticks of fire hurling around of their own accord while disembodied voices talk about juggling. I'll likely have my laptop at the next bab5 if you want to see them.
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