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hikes, birthdays, and a little brother

Last Sunday at 11:37 a.m. I began my 24th year picnicking on top of Mount Olympus. We had begun the hike just before 8, after an hour's delay, and by 11:37 we hadn't quite scrambled to the rocky crags that gave us a full panorama of the neighboring peaks and the valley over 4,000 feet below, but we had reached the saddle and could see over the mountain to the southeast into Hughes and Big Cottonwood canyons as well as to the west over the valley.

We climbed the south (right) peak

The view from the saddle: Hughes Canyon is directly below, Big Cottonwood Canyon is between the foreground and background mountains, and Twin Peaks, Lone Peak, and Dromedary Peak are in the distance

When we returned from the hike to my dad's, dag29580863 and I had dinner with my mom and stepdad, then saw Fahrenheit 9/11 with friends. I was impressed that the Salt Lake City theater was nearly full, and two of the earlier shows had sold out. The best thing about the movie was that it collected many of the memorable anti-Bush, anti-war images and clips from the last four years in one place. I liked that Moore included an interview with an enthusiastic army mom about what she thought of protesters, and then the mom's radical change when she learned that her son had been killed. I was surprised that Moore didn't include much on the anti-war protests, though, and was disappointed that he played the "this country is built on subjugating the poor" card at the end. I don't think I know enough details of history or political science to make an informed judgment on the veracity of that, but it sounds suspiciously fatalistic. I'd like to see it again, because the last half of the movie was clouded by a splitting migraine. (I'm also interested in seeing The Corporation and Control Room, neither of which is playing in Salt Lake City.)

On Monday I had friends over for a barbecue, delicious cake, and a showing of The Triplets of Belleville (which most didn't stay for, sadly).

That's 2 and 3, not 5

Early Tuesday morning M started having contractions again, so she and Dad left for the hospital. dag29580863 and I spent the day hiking and sightseeing. We rode the Snowbird tram up the mountain, meeting the guy who gave us a ride out here at the top - except he had hiked!

View of Little Cottonwood Canyon from the tram

This morning at 6:56, after 30 hours of labor, my half-brother was born at the same hospital my sister and I were. He weighs a healthy 7 pounds 2 ounces, and is still quite wrinkled and pink. This all took place as I dropped dag29580863 off at the airport, so he'll have to rely on photos from the digital camera we gave them.

mom and son, both ready for a nap

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