Fata Morgana (chimerically) wrote,
Fata Morgana

quick update

I'm almost finished with my first ballroom gown, my first sewing project in years. I'm aiming to have it finished for the International Grand Ball competition this Saturday. (If you want to come, I'm competing at 10:15 Saturday night. Student tickets are $22 for an evening session, and you're advised to buy them in advance - Saturday night is likely to sell out at the door. I can get one for you, if you want.)

In other news, I conducted several interviews last week for one of my summer projects, and my intern and I have changed the focus of the project, a mere two weeks before her internship is over. Better late than never! Also, dag29580863 and I have found an apartment - we signed the lease last Wednesday. It's a smallish two-bedroom with hardwood floors, a nicely-remodeled bathroom, and a southwest-facing deck, and it's two blocks from Rockridge BART. Our landlord is an electrical engineer probably not much older than dag29580863, and he's the most well-informed and conscientious landlord I've ever had - he spent nearly an hour Wednesday telling us how he rewired this and rebuilt that to comply with various safety codes, and he was shocked to hear that neither of us had ever received the lead safety handbook from previous landlords. Moving starts Sunday!

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