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Nunberg's techie poems

I apologize for my lack of posts lately. After my two research deadlines (CHI papers due for one and a final presentation for the other) pass next week, I'll have more time to write (and think and breathe ...).

For now, a small diversion: one of my professors has written clever techie poems, in rhyme and meter. Here's one, which incidentally reminded me of the existence of a deliciously evil word - schadenfreude - which I learned long ago, used with satisfaction for a while (especially referring to mishaps involving things like bureaucratic institutions and manipulative advertising), but have since forgotten. Yay for words!

Who's Sorry Now?
(August 28, 2000)
by Geoffrey Nunberg
published in Industry Standard

What exquisite schadenfreude
Hearing from AP or Reuter
That the market's just destroyed a
-nother high-tech IPO,
Sent plunging to an all-time low.

Another den of dot-com divas,
Surly louts in jeans and Tevas,
On the street, while the receivers
Must recover what they're owed
From beanbag chairs and broken code.

Living large on VC credit,
Caring little what they netted,
They laughed at those who didn't get it --
Smokestack sorts who've not yet grokked
How P and E have come unlocked.

In lavish lofts at lofty rentals,
They flouted fiscal fundamentals;
Henceforth they'll sup on franks and lentils,
And spread their bread with oleo,
Like any ordinary joe.

Farewell -- though I can't say I'll miss you;
You see, I'm just another fish who
Was short on sense and long your issue.
Value, shmalue, blah, blah, blah;
The new economy,
c'est moi! </a>

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