Fata Morgana (chimerically) wrote,
Fata Morgana

Social update (in no particular order): what the bleep, fabrics r us, etc.

Last Friday I saw What the Bleep with dag29580863 and our downstairs neighbor. I'll sum it up as a mix of pseudoscience and psychology - more like a PBS documentary than a movie, but too full of slanted facts and conjecture (e.g. the uncertainty in the position of atoms also applies to macroscopic scales, negative thinking causes aging) for educational programming.

Last Sunday I made an excursion to Fabrics R Us in San Jose which, with its piles of tacky bright sparkly fabrics and cheap Swarovski rhinestones, is every ballroom dancer's dream. It's not as cheap as Discount Fabrics, but my god what a selection. I came away with no fewer than four fabrics (after considering many more), which will probably keep me occupied for a year. Later on Sunday, dag29580863 and I ventured out yet again to IKEA to add to our growing furniture collection, and our downstairs neighbor joined us in assembling the new additions.

There was another ballroom competition two weeks ago, this one in San Jose. We placed third in Championship Standard, and also participated in a crazy, silly 10-dance team match, where those not dancing on the floor bribed the judges with pizza and beer, heckled those who were dancing with Luke, Leia, Spock, and Kirk stand-ups (it was the Galaxy Ball, after all), and generally had a great time.

Last week I was sick with the bug that everyone seems to have been getting. I was quite out of it at joshbuckler's gathering on Thursday because of it, and slept twelve hours a night all weekend.

Some folks in my department will be going a bike ride over the Golden Gate bridge and through Marin probably the Sunday after next. If anyone's interested in going, let me know and I can give you information as it becomes available.

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