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The storm that walloped LA earlier this week finally hit Salt Lake tonight, so dag29580863 and I are avoiding the snow with some supposedly-alcoholic super-sugary beer coolers (what can I say, the state liquor stores are closed, so we had to choose from the meager selection at the local Albertson's), egg nog, strawberries and ice cream, and Priscilla on DVD. Of course, we both need to get our mediated socialization fix to start the night off properly. I'm working on a longer post about my week, but for now, I'll just record my resolutions. I haven't done official new year's resolutions in a while, but these are all things that I want to do anyway, and now is as good a time as any to announce them.

  1. I will cook more and eat out less. (To help me with this, please give me your favorite recipes!)
  2. I will be less of a homebody and go to more SIMS, bab5, and ballroom social events.
  3. I will work harder to make new friends and keep the old, as the girl scout song goes. (My standards for friendship are too high for the lackadaisical attitudes that seem common on college campuses. Best friends are great, but non-best friends are good too. Also, I'm just plain too shy, clamming up even with people I find interesting and struggling to articulate my thoughts with all but those which whom I'm most comfortable.)
  4. I will read more for classes and research projects, scheduling lots of time every week for reading only.
  5. I will read more for fun. For someone who used to ingest a book a day, I sure haven't read much recently.

Addendum 1/04: I will also get back into the habit of stretching regularly. My physical therapist detected a slight rotation in my mid-upper spine that probably causes or at least exacerbates my neck problems, which stretching would mitigate. Besides, stretching just feels good. Maybe I'll give meditation another go, too.

Also, reading more means being online less.

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