Fata Morgana (chimerically) wrote,
Fata Morgana


Happy V-day, everyone! I went again this year to Berkeley's production, this time in spacious Wheeler Auditorium. (If it were still in cramped 155 Dwinelle, my last-minute decision really wouldn't have worked at all. As it was, they had to turn people away. The door was poorly managed and I didn't get in until an hour after it was supposed to start and half an hour after it actually started, when they finally figured out what to do with all of us on the last-minute waiting list. Maybe next year I should volunteer to help the ticket booth run more efficiently.) I was surprised that it was the same as last year (somehow I had the impression that the stories changed from year to year and venue to venue), but it was still superb. I also celebrated the old-fashioned V-day yesterday, with a show (actually D's birthday present) and dinner in the city. Tonight D's in the south bay, but sent me an ASCII art rose via SMS during the show. :~)

opportunitygrrl tells us that Mars has been dressed up for the occasion:

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