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Bridging the Divide and other news

I have two exciting pieces of news:

First, a conference that I've been helping to organize, Bridging the Divide, happens this Thursday, Friday, and (workshops on) Saturday. If you're interested in education, health, energy and resources, or information technology issues in the developing world, I encourage you to attend. You can register online here.

Second, I found out this morning that I'll be working this summer as a usability analyst intern at Google, starting May 23. The most appropriate thing I can think of to say is W00t!

Oh yes, and zeroth, this Saturday the UC Berkeley Ballroom Dance team is hosting their fifth annual competition. I'll be competing around 1:00 p.m., and dag29580863 will be dancing throughout the day. It's free for spectators and right in 237 Hearst Gym on campus.

UPDATE 4/22: it looks like the competition isn't free for spectators after all, like I thought it was - it's $5 for students, $10 for others.

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