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ICT4B project idea - what I decided on, and what I'd rather do

The ICT4B project proposal I put in on Wednesday was about surveying efforts in digital government - what developed countries are doing (and how it's working and not working), what developing countries are doing (and how it's working and not working - especially with lack of infrastructure and strings-attached hardware), and metrics for a successful e-government.

Of course, on Thursday I thought of a project I'd rather do. So much of the raw materials for technological gadgets comes out of Africa, for pittance prices (for the raw materials themselves, and for the labor). There's so much talk about the cheapness of technology, but what are the consequences, in terms of the welfare of these countries? And if countries were able to get what they "should" for these materials (this is something I'd have to pin down much better if I choose to pursue this idea), how much would, say, my laptop REALLY cost?

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