Fata Morgana (chimerically) wrote,
Fata Morgana

Misguided in Translation

Was it just me, or was Lost in Translation just plain obnoxious? There was no character development for any of the Asian characters - they remained obsequious caricatures who were always objects of frustration or derision, and were so stupid they couldn't get their L's and R's straight. I'm also thoroughly sick of the "young pretty girl finds ugly, crotchety old man irresistible" shtick. And what's with that "philosophy degree from Yale" nonsense? She was angsty and immature, and certainly didn't have her own values sorted out - how the hell could she have earned a degree in philosophy from Yale, if she's that clueless? Finally, in several parts of the movie the message seemed to be "forward or sexually explicit is bad, restrained - even to the point of misery - is good," which I didn't like. The exotic dancers and "fantasy massage woman" (as I think she was listed in the credits) were viewed with complete disgust, while the main characters, who wouldn't say a peep to their spouses about how unhappy they were in their relationships, were made to look like long-suffering martyrs. (Also, why does the wife always have to be a nagging bitch?)

My two (perhaps overly-indignant) cents. :~)

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