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California proposition 73 is crap, and so is its advertising campaign - Accretions — LiveJournal

Fata Morgana
2005-11-07 20:42
California proposition 73 is crap, and so is its advertising campaign
abortion, activism, politics, sexuality
Anyone else (in California, anyway) getting automated phone calls supporting Proposition 73, the one that would require parental notification for abortions on minors? I've gotten several, and they piss me off on so many levels. First, I don't know where they got my name or mobile phone number, but I am completely the wrong audience, and I really don't appreciate them wasting my mobile phone minutes and clogging my voicemail with their drivel. Second and more importantly, their recorded message features the parents of young women who had abortions without telling them. They say things like "my daughter needed me, she would have wanted me to be there, but I couldn't be there for her," or "my daughter was so happy that I found out and visited her in the hospital." What crap! Their daughters withheld the fact that they were pregnant from them for a reason! These parents should work on getting to know and understand their daughters rather than requiring their doctors to notify them in their daughters want an abortion. This proposition would just result in more young women considering unsafe, illegal abortions. And the young women who are affected by this bill can't even vote on it! Anyway, I hope all you California residents get out tomorrow and vote NO on almost everything (except maybe 79), especially this proposition.
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2005-11-08 21:33 (UTC)
(no subject)
With all the bullshit strictures being put in place on abortion in various states anyways, you'd think that parents actually WANT their teenagers to have babies.
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Fata Morgana
2005-11-09 03:47 (UTC)
(no subject)
Hehe. Well, I think they ideally want their daughters not to have sex, or if they do, to tell them about it so they can freak out and ground them for life and such. :~P
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