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recent forays into the arts

Tonight I indulged in a bit of "Geek Theater" (as we labelled it afterward) - The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci - with David and two friends of ours. The play consisted almost entirely of excerpts (translated into English) from Leo's notebooks. I enjoyed it very much. We seem to have a penchant for these geeky biography plays: there was that one about Feynman in Marin, and a fun one about Buckminster Fuller that I've seen twice in as many years.

I also saw the Kirov Ballet last Saturday, after seeing so many blog posts about it. $10 student rush got us decent seats on the floor! I want to see some good modern dance - that's always been my favorite kind. And a week ago last Tuesday I saw the Drakensburg Boy's Choir, for which David's sister is an assistant conductor, in San Mateo - they were amazing.

Any other fun and exciting things coming up? Cirque do Soliel would be great, if the tickets weren't so very expensive. :~(

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