Fata Morgana (chimerically) wrote,
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ballroom and busi/yness

I'm kicking the quarter off with a competition -- my last one in a few months. (Just as well, because this is going to be a VERY busy quarter for me.) It's hosted right here on the Stanford campus, and if past experience (and what I've heard about the preparations) is any guide, it's going to be awesome. I compete in the evening session, which is also when the team match and show are. If you're free and interested, consider coming by! General admission is free for Stanford students, $10 for the general public. After the show will be general dancing for those of you who would rather get out on the floor yourselves than watch. Also, stellae, David B., and others will be competing, so if you don't come for me, maybe come by for them. :~)

Speaking of competitions, last weekend I competed against my former dance partner, who now lives in New York. That was interesting. I put up some pictures from that on my Flickr page (shiny yellow dress!).
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